Call for Papers: Special Issue on Sharing, Publication and Citation of Research Data (Summer 2015)

Library and information professionals have a complex relationship with research data. We are curators of, advisors and educators about, advocates around, and producers and consumers of research outputs, sometimes wearing several of these hats at once. Because of its historical service role in higher education, the library is a trusted source for guidance regarding where to find data on the one hand and how to properly create, organize, store, secure, and preserve the results of research on the other. In addition, scholars are increasingly turning to the library to find the actual infrastructure for many of the supporting services they need, from institutional repositories to identifier assignment. However, the world of data lacks the ingrained standards and practices the library and academic community have built up over the years.

Within this context, JLSC is interested in exploring the many practices, questions, emerging standards, and needs for training necessary to realize the vision of treating research data (i.e. data intentionally generated or examined for the purposes of scholarly analysis) as a first class object of scholarly communication. In particular, we seek to catalyze, within our community of practice, discussion and knowledge exchange about data sharing, data publication and data citation. As co-editors of this special issue, we invite submissions in all of JLSC’s publication categories on the variety of issues surrounding data, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Practices across disciplines regarding sharing, publication and citation of research data
  • Digital Repository features and functions (institutional and otherwise) and other infrastructure that support sharing, publication and citation of research data
  • New roles and knowledge required by librarians and information professionals to address questions of how to share, publish and cite research data
  • Analysis and case studies illustrating practices that demonstrate how research data are most effectively shared as persistent resources, and how research data producers obtain credit for their contributions
  • Recommended review criteria and practices for publishing research data
  • Emerging standards or best practices in applying or devising Identifiers, metadata and citation formats appropriate for research data publication
  • Financial and resource issues related to research data sharing and publication
  • Discussions of when data sharing and data publication are and are not desirable
  • Analysis of data management strategies in smaller and/or non-research-intensive institutions
  • Educational strategies, activities and programs regarding all points of the research data lifecycle

The special issue will be published in the Summer 2015 issue of Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication.

The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2015.

Statements of interest or intent are requested but not required and should be sent to the issue co-editors, Gail Clement ( or Lisa Schiff ( Author guidelines for submission are available online.