Call for Papers

  • JLSC Guest Editors: July 2014 and November 2014
  • Call for Papers: Special Issue on Library Publishing (November 2014)

  • Guest Editors: July 2014 and November 2014

    The Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication is pleased to welcome three guest editors to its pages in the coming year. The July 2014 issue of JLSC will be edited by Dorothea Salo (University of Wisconsin), and the November 2014 issue will be co-edited by Stephanie Davis-Kahl (Illinois Wesleyan University) and Melanie Schlosser (Ohio State University). There is an open call for papers for July, but November will be a themed issue focused on library-based publishing services. A special call for papers for this themed issue will be posted here in early 2014.

    About our Guest Editors

    Dorothea Salo (@LibSkrat) is a Faculty Associate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library and Information Studies. She teaches the organization of information, library technology, scholarly communication and library publishing, and research-data management, and is a frequent speaker at professional conferences and meetings.

    Stephanie Davis-Kahl (@StephDK) is the Scholarly Communications Librarian and Associate Professor at The Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University. She provides leadership for the education, development, and support of scholarly communication programs and initiatives at Illinois Wesleyan.

    Melanie Schlosser (@m_b_schlosser) is the Digital Publishing Librarian at The Ohio State University Libraries, and works with the open access publishing program, the institutional repository, and a variety of other digital initiatives.


    Call for Papers: Special Issue on Library Publishing (November 2014)

    The publication of the research report Library Publishing: Strategies for Success in 2012 highlighted the growing level of engagement in, and enthusiasm for, library publishing. In 2013, the Library Publishing Coalition developed the following definition:

    Library publishing is defined here as the set of activities led by college and university libraries to support the creation, dissemination, and curation of scholarly, creative, and/or educational works.

    Generally, library publishing requires a production process, presents original work not previously made available, and applies a level of certification to the content published, whether through peer review or extension of the institutional brand.

    Based on core library values and building on the traditional skills of librarians, it is distinguished from other publishing fields by a preference for Open Access dissemination and a willingness to embrace informal and experimental forms of scholarly communication and to challenge the status quo.

    This special issue of JLSC seeks to explore the wide variety of activities that make up the library publishing ecosystem. The co-editors invite articles, case studies, and commentary on all aspects of library publishing in large and small institutions, such as:

    • Establishing and sustaining a program
    • Program operations, including staffing, budgets, and assessment
    • Collaborative relationships in library publishing (faculty and students, university presses, scholarly societies, etc.)
    • Technical infrastructure, including software development and metadata
    • Education and professional development
    • Outreach and advocacy

    We welcome contributions in both traditional and alternative formats (e.g. video) from librarians, editors, authors, developers, and others involved in library publishing. The deadline for submissions is June 30. Author guidelines for submission are available online.

    The special issue will be published in November 2014 and will also include the proceedings and posters from the upcoming Library Publishing Forum.