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Reading: Google Data Studio


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Google Data Studio


Genifer Snipes

University of Oregon, US
About Genifer
Genifer Snipes is the Business and Economics Librarian at the University of Oregon. She is interested in applied business research and teaching – specifically, her work focuses on marketing and entrepreneurial research and the growth of data-driven business research.
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Google Data Studio is a new data visualization program designed as a user-friendly tool for representing complex datasets in an attractive and clear fashion. Data Studio’s core function is interpretation of social media and web analytics; however, its support of data sources like MySQL and spreadsheets suggests Data Studio could be used by researchers to interpret their own data in an equally user-friendly fashion. While Data Studio relies on the usual mix of chart and graphs to convey meaning, it enhances them with features including the ability to integrate multiple sources into a single report, dynamic data updating, and interactive visualizations. Data Studio’s support for third-party data sources could use further development; however, it is a promising resource for budding data visualizers.
How to Cite: Snipes, G., 2018. Google Data Studio. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication, 6(1), p.eP2214. DOI:
Published on 27 Feb 2018.


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