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JLSC Board Editorial 2018


Gail Clement ,

California Institute of Technology Pasadena CA, US
About Gail
Gail Clement is a Library Administrator and science research librarian at the Caltech Library. She oversees a team of subject librarians, repository, metadata and licensing specialists who develop knowledge management resources, publishing services, and authorship programs for the Caltech community. In this role she also represents Caltech Library on the Organizational Advisory Assembly for the Research Data Alliance, the Committee on Publication Ethics, the Overleaf Steering Committee, and the ORCID Curriculum working group. She is a certified Data Carpentry Instructor, specializing in research data cleaning and enhancement; data sharing; and citation and publication of all research outputs. As Coordinator of Author Carpentry - a researcher training program in 21st century authorship and publishing - Gail collaborates with developers and researchers to create practical, hands-on, and useful lessons in responsible, reproducible, and reuseable open publication. Author Carpentry builds on a pilot lesson from Software Carpentry on Scientific Authorship. Author Carpentry workshops are offered at Caltech and through professional groups such as the CODATA-RDA Summer School in Research Data Science, the Force11 Scholarly Communication Institute, and the Association for Artificial Intelligence 2017 Tutorial Forum. Gail's professional leadership and service includes mentoring researchers from developing nations via Author Aid; Co-Chair of the CODATA-Research Data Alliance Group on Legal Interoperability of Research Data; and service on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication (JLSC) where she co-edited the 2015 special issue on data sharing, data publication, and data citation. She serves on the License Review Committee and the Scholarly Communication Taskforce of the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium; on the Library Advisory Committee for Ubiquity Press; and as a Collection Editor for "Research Paper of the Future" on ScienceOpen.
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Nicky Agate,

Columbia University, US
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Samantha Searle,

Griffith University, AU
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Danny Kingsley,

Australian National University, AU
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Micah Vandegrift

About Micah
Micah Vandegrift is Florida State University’s Director of Digital Scholarship. He coordinates the digital scholarship activities for the library and directs the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship (DRS), which provides consultations, infrastructure, and project development in the areas of: academic publishing, research data services, digital pedagogy, and digital humanities. Micah serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication and on the DLF Project Managers Group Steering Committee.
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The current scholarly communication landscape is populated by a variety of actors and powered by an ever-increasing array of complementary and competitive systems for the production, publication, and distribution of scholarship. Recent years have also seen increasing numbers of proposals to recast these systems in ways that better align with the needs and values of the academy and its scholars. In this editorial, members of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication consider the present environment and contemplate the future of academy-owned and -supported scholarly communication, as well as the role of libraries in that future.
How to Cite: Clement, G., Agate, N., Searle, S., Kingsley, D. and Vandegrift, M., 2018. JLSC Board Editorial 2018. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication, 6(1), p.eP2261. DOI:
Published on 12 Jun 2018.


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