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Reading: Creating Institution-Wide Awareness of, and Engagement with, Open Scholarship


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Creating Institution-Wide Awareness of, and Engagement with, Open Scholarship


Eleanor Colla

University of New England, AU
About Eleanor
Eleanor is a Librarian at the University of New England, Australia. In this role they work closely with the Research Office, Faculties, and Librarians to advocate on a number of topics including Open Scholarship, strategic publishing practices, and ethical use of metrics, as well as implement and improve institution-wide research output, assessment, and reporting. Prior to this Eleanor was a Researcher Services Librarian wherein they assisted academics and post-graduate students with their research at any point of need within the research lifecycle.
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INTRODUCTION Strategies for how, when, and why to communicate on the topics of Open Scholarship (OS) are many and varied. Here, the author reflects on how a small, regional university library went from a low knowledge base of OS to having OS more thoughtfully and thoroughly considered across many aspects of scholarship. DESCRIPTION OF APPROACH The author discusses how, over a three-year period, the library turned OS from being seen as a topic only the library deals with, to a nuanced conversation present across many levels of a university. This was done in three broad stages: first, upskilling librarians; second, reaching out to others working in this space and creating conversations across campus; and third, broadening conversations to different audiences whilst beginning to embed OS in institutional practices. NEXT STEPS Collaborative engagement across various levels has worked well for this university. The library will continue this approach to further embed OS in the culture of the institution while looking to further collaborate across the institution, and working with colleagues and OS advocates in other organizations, groups, and bodies.
How to Cite: Colla, E., 2020. Creating Institution-Wide Awareness of, and Engagement with, Open Scholarship. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication, 8(1), p.eP2387. DOI:
Published on 09 Nov 2020.
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